HJA is the PLATFORM in Hungary for independent circus artists and circus pedagogues. It gives an official background to all initiatives about juggling as a circus art, a tool for social intervention, a sport or hobby/ free time activity. The association focuses heavily on cultural, educational and social missions, and relies on their creativity, joyfulness and strong pedagogical background to enrich all those they connect with.
Inspiral Circus Center was opened in 2016 and provides 400 m2 of space for all of the organization’s activities. Its artistic mission is to provide space for circus artists to create. They run a residency program offering free space for creation. Most of the Hungarian independent circus artists are training in this space. Several master classes and workshops for development are organized and professional events, seminars and conferences provide important knowledge sharing and discovery opportunities.. 

The central room is used for performances for s an audience of 100 people, and also offers a great environment for conference/round table or other events. The Hungarian Juggling Association has more than 20 years of educational experience: running classes, teaching, providing education to various type of public and reaching more than 200 people per week. We gather more than 40 circus teachers, have a ’circle of educators’ to improve self-skills and common strategy, and pedagogic approach. They provide training and have regular meetings in the format of online webinars and live conferences to enable the participation of the wider community.
We are also nurturing our sense of community responsibility and have made volunteering an important aspect of our organization. However, it is a challenge, which requires many efforts, yet its values we have to protect and make stronger and stronger every day.
The Hungarian Juggling Association has successfully run between 100-120 successful European projects over the past 20 years, and has been the leader for 30-40 of them.

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